The Analysis of Real Estate and Cultural History in the Lorne Park Community of Mississauga

Lorne Park Community has a long, rich history dating back almost 200 years. Originally a fruit growing, agricultural town, Lorne Park has developed into a prestigious residential community along the north shore of Lake Ontario. 

For the elite, Lorne Park is a desirable place to raise their families while escaping from the hustle of city life. With most home valued at more than a million dollars, the area attracts upper class residents who are looking for a quiet, elegant community with plenty of green space. Development in the area has been steady for the last twenty years and growth projections are expected to continue for the next decade. There are plenty of reasons why Lorne Park Community continues to be a highly sought after neighbourhood for high class home owners. 


Rich in Character and History

With the settlement of the first European settlers in 1830, Lorne Park has managed to hold onto much of its historical and natural beauty. Although there has been steady development throughout the area, many homes still maintain their elegant colonial French and English style from the past. Mature trees that line the shores of Northern Lake Ontario give this area a natural historical charm that modern architecture cannot duplicate. 

Continual Growth

During the last twenty years, Lorne Park has seen a steady growth that is expected to continue well into the next decade. Realtors and investors are developing the area to meet the ongoing needs of the market. 

The growth of the community has created a unique diversity and eclectic appeal that is unlike other communities. Historical homes intermingle with modern architecture to create a truly one-of-a-kind neighbourhood. 

As the community continues to grow, modern amenities are built to meet the needs of the residents. Lorne Park has one of the best rated schools in the Mississauga area, a luxurious, state-of-the-art library, stores, and parks. 


Plenty of Greenspace

Although new housing projects and commercial properties continue to be built in the area, they have not taken away from the areas beautiful greenspace. Where most urban areas are depleting yard sizes to cram as many houses and condos onto a plot of land as possible, Lorne Park Community has been vigilant in maintaining their spacious yards between houses and complexes. 


French and English colonial style homes from the past blend with today’s modern housing styles to give the area a unique, diverse look that appeals to many new home buyers. The difference in styles makes it easier for potential buyers to find their dream home. 

Strong Sense Of Community

Unlike most cities nowadays, Lorne Park has a strong sense of community. The residents not only care about their own property, they care about the town as well. Lorne Park Residents have formed many groups including: Water Colours Residents Association, Birch-Glen Residents Association, Whiteoaks Lorne Park Community Association, and Lorne Park Estates Residents Association. The groups work to maintain the beauty and integrity of their neighbourhood, voice resident concerns to political leaders, and maintain strong communications with all residents to ensure the values of the properties are upheld. 

Lorne Park Community is an elegant, charming area that offers many urban amenities in a smaller, more tranquil setting. The luxurious housing and manicured yardage continue to attract many executive home buyers who are looking for a prestigious, safe place to raise their families. The community has been growing steadily for over 20 years. With projections of growth expected to continue for many years, developers continue to meet the needs of the residents by constructing residential and commercial properties without taking away from the area’s natural, historic beauty. 

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