Mississauga is currently the sixth largest city in Canada and with 22 beautiful neighbourhoods, it can be hard to decide which one you want to become homeowner to. But if you’re debating between a quiet, suburban area or a busy city, Mineola may be the place for you. 

About Mineola

Dating back to the 1940s, Mineola is an old neighbourhood of privacy and peace without full isolation from the city. Sometimes described as exclusive and luxurious, Mineola is located in South Mississauga, forested with the oldest and tallest trees. This allows homeowners to enjoy a cottage-like feel in an urban city with plenty of green spaces and amenities by the Credit River.


Being an older neighbourhood, houses range back to the 1940s, with new houses built from the 2000s and present day. It harbours a mix of long-time residents to professionals and families building their dream home from scratch.

Most of the homes in Mineola offer huge lots with great depth, allowing for homes to sit further away from the streets as opposed to being compressed together like other neighbourhoods. 

And while Mineola has grown to become an ideal neighbourhood for renovation and custom-build homes, there are still plenty of affordable standard homes and Lakeview bungalows.

So, for families who envision a dream home in Mineola, this beautiful neighbourhood offers more than what you bargained for. 


When it comes to schooling, Mineola has it all. Mineola consists of the top-ranked public elementary schools in Mississauga. It includes the number one ranking Kenollie Public School, with Mineola Public School following in third and Port Credit Secondary School nearby.


One of the highlights of living in Mineola is the accessible commuting. With access to the QEW, you can make your way to City Centre or take a drive to Toronto.

And if traffic isn’t easy to beat, Port Credit Go can reach Union Station within 30 minutes.

Port Credit Go also offers connections to local transit so commuters can easily travel all across the city using the MiWay or connect to Brampton with the Züm, all in one bus terminal.

Upcoming projects and expansions

The amenities of Mineola have gone a long way since the mid 1900s. Construction for the new Hurontario LRT started earlier this year and plans its opening in 2022.

Another modernization project Mineola can look forward to is the new mix of recreational, residential and retail properties to be known as Lakeview Village. With a conservation area also underway by 2026, Mineola can expect a new coastal ecosystem to support local fish, wildlife and migrating birds. Though still in the works, 6.63 hectares of new conservation land has already been created. 

With Mississauga constantly expanding, the city is expected to grow in population by 400,000 and with 250,000 jobs by 2031. Whether you decide to maintain a home with a historic background or create your own vision, owning a home in Mineola makes for a great future investment.


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